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Everyone deserves great photos of special moments! Award winning photographer, April Bryant, shares quick and easy ways to immediately improve your photography, with any camera, even your phone! You’ll learn about types of cameras, and simple ways to improve your composition. Learn the Rule of Thirds, and how to use it, along with Leading Lines and Framing. Find out what Bokeh is and how to achieve it. You’ll also learn the best time of day to make photos, and how the pros get some of those magical effects! Plus, get pro tips for: easy family photos, even with small children sexy calendar-style automobile photos beautiful landscapes superb travel photos You will find all that, and more in this simple, easy to read guide, filled with beautiful example images to inspire you! Your memories are special! 
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About the Author


April Bryant is the owner of HPP Media & Design, encompassing April Bryant Photography and Hoi Polloi Photography. She is also  a member of the US Press Association.


She has been creating since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She enjoys classical drawing and painting, as well as calligraphy, but her true passion is photography. Trained as an IT Professional, she enjoys combining artistic talents with technical skills to create interesting and intriguing works of fine art. She also likes the challenges of graphic design, compositing, and web design.


She is a photography contributor to the prestigious Getty Images, and was chosen as a First Collection Contributor for 500Prime, a commercial photography agency. She has also had work published by the Sierra Club. She is a member of  The Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville, Tennessee. Two of her photographs recently received awards in the 2015 Open Art Exhibition hosted by Light Space & Time Online Gallery.


She has two sons, who are also very artistic. When she isn’t out with her camera, she enjoys organic gardening and working with her rescue cat, Gracie.